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Seminars in a Box

Do you find yourself in need of interactive programs for your meetings and training sessions, yet you are too pressed for time to create them? Or perhaps you’ve been told to provide branch staff training and you’ve never done training before in your life. Don’t panic! The need for training is real, but the need to stress over planning training is not!

Introducing Credit Union Seminars in a Box for Staff - designed with your demanding schedule and training needs in mind. Everything you need to plan and execute a 10 minute exercise or a one hour staff workshop is in the box—just add the staff! Credit Union Seminars in a Box are perfect for branch meetings, department meetings, or formal training sessions.

Please note: The CU Compliance Seminars in a Box Series is no longer available. They have been transitioned into online courses to keep you up-to-date in the current regulatory environment.
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Each Seminar in a Box is written from the credit union perspective, integrating more than 20 years of development in the design of credit union training. What you can expect from the content:

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Each Seminar in a Box includes:

  Credit Union Sales Seminar in a Box for Staff Series

To prosper in today's competitive financial services market, credit unions must demonstrate their value at every turn. While quality member service is essential, corporate culture must be built around sales and service. Every member's phone call, visit, e-mail, or face-to-face meeting is an opportunity to strengthen a relationship and improve your bottom line.

CU Sales Series “Seminars in a Box” is a wonderful system. The sales course is about solving member problems, needs or wants by listening and asking questions, then offering services and products that fit their specific needs instead of using a “product of the month” sales approach. “Seminars in a Box” gives staff an easy, organized process to follow called the “PRIDE” model that helps make the level of member service consistent from member to member and uniform with all staff. The seminars are packed with tools for both new employees and seasoned veteran staff.

What I found especially helpful is that “Seminars in a Box” is set up so the facilitator of each module has everything they need to teach the material to others! Participant’s handouts can even be personalized for your credit union. A facilitator’s guide is included with each module and clearly illustrates what the instructor should be doing, page by page, while teaching the material. The guide even explains how to use a flip chart, shows the best set up for your training room, how to deal with different types of participants and more

I highly recommend the CU Sales Seminars in a Box as a turn-key training program that focuses on members while providing concrete steps for staff to follow.

Audrey Szubert
Vice President
VAMCO Credit Union
Des Plaines, IL

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The Credit Union Sales series provides an overview of a sales and service model called PRIDE. Outstanding member service is the key to effective selling. The PRIDE Model lays a strong foundation for the value-added selling and service skills. The information, activities, and exercises are designed to help maximize success in sales and service activities at your credit union. By learning and practicing the skills and strategies outlined, service to members will become easier, sales will increase, and member satisfaction will rise. While each Seminar in a Box stands alone, used together you’ll discover a powerful system for developing sales in your credit union.

Here are samples of what to expect from each Seminar in a Box for Staff!

  Credit Union Basics Seminar in a Box for Staff Series

  Credit Union Security and Fraud Seminar in a Box for Staff Series

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