Online Training ROI calculator

Calculate the net cost and ROI of online training vs. traditional methods. Fill in the white blanks (without commas) to the best of your ability. The grey blanks will have their figures calculated automatically.

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General Stats
Average Salary of an Employee receiving training per year.
Add Fringe Benefits ?
Average # of Hours an employee works per week
per year
Average # of hours a Trainee trains per month
per year
Average # of hours a Trainee spends traveling for Training purposes per month.
per year
Total # of employees receiving training per year.
Total # of hours spent training per year.
Promotional Costs
Yearly Costs to Promote Training within the Credit Union. ?
Administrative Costs
Yearly Admin Costs for Training ?
Faculty Costs
# of Self-Study Trainees
# of Instructor-Led Trainees
Cost of faculty setting up training ?
Average # of Self-Study courses a trainee completes over the course of a year
Average Yearly cost of Self-Study Training materials per Student
Total yearly cost of Self-Study Training Materials ?
Average Yearly cost of updating old self-study materials ?
Average cost for Instructor Led events per student ?
Total yearly cost of Instructor-Led Events ?
Estimated Current Training Faciliites cost (Study-Rooms, etc)
Estimate cost of training facilities for online learning (computers / internet)
Student Costs
Cost of Productivity Lost per Training time
Cost of Productivity lost per travel time ?
Total Yearly Travel Expense for Training ?
ROI Computation
Cost for Traditional Training
Cost for Online Training
Cost Savings by Training via Online Methods
Online ROI (Savings as a % of total online costs.)
Traditional ROI (Savings as a % of total traditional costs.)