Are you interested in the advanced functionality and online features of CPDOnline? Then join us for one of these hour long informational sessions. Attendance is free; however, registration is required.

If you're interested in seeing sample courses, simply click here to view a list of course demonstration options. To experience the entire system, sign up for a free 30 day trial.

Upcoming CPDOnline Virtual Tour Sessions

Get started with a virtual tour! We offer two types of virtual tours to help you learn more about CPDOnline:

Overview: The benefits of CPDOnline

This session is great if you are you looking at CPDOnline for the first time? Or, has it been a while since your last look at CPDOnline? This virtual tour includes information about the benefits of using CPDOnline as your online training service and learning management system (LMS). Learn why CPDOnline is the leader in credit union training as we highlight content included in the course catalog, tracking and reporting options offered through CPDOnline's LMS, and bonus applications included with your membership that will make your job as trainer more efficient and effective.

Navigation: A guided journey into the world of CUNA's CPDOnline

This session is designed for those that have recently signed up for a CPDOnline 30-day trial, are new to a CPDOnline membership, or would like a refresher on how to navigate CPDOnline. Learn the most commonly performed tasks by a CPDOnline training administrator. In this tour, you will become familiar with the three different modes:

  • Learner Mode - including how to register as a new student, enroll in a learning activity, view a training schedule, and view a training transcript
  • Manager Mode - including how to look up a direct report, view learner transcripts, and register others for training
  • Administrator Mode - including how to manage staff, reset passwords, edit learner information, link a manager to a user, export and monitor your credit union roster, and pull a global transcript report


November 1 – General Overview
November 2 – New System Overview
November 8 – General Navigation
November 9 – New System Overview
November 15 – General Overview
November 16 – New System Overview
November 21 – New System Navigation
November 22 – New System Navigation
November 23 – New System Navigation
November 30 – New System Navigation


December 2 – General Overview
December 6 – General Overview
December 7 – General Navigation
December 13 – General Navigation
December 14 – General Overview
December 20 – General Navigation
December 28 – General Navigation

Other system training is held regularly, click here for details.